Scituate Memories

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Painted wooden rockers

Soldiered on the wrap-around porch

Glider round the corner,

Relief found from the summer scorch!

Wide-leafed, bold-striped hostas

Climbing purple wisps

Summer breezes set them dancing

Dandelions blown from curled up lips

Passing cars in colored hues

A rainy day summer game

One against each other’s color

In the swishing sound of rain

Grammy dining at the table

Predictable, it came to be

“Don’t slam the screen door”

She’d say between Welch’s and her tea

Barefoot and sundresses

Climbing high in the apple tree

Shinnying up the grape arbor

In the garage ‘Henrietta’ we'd see

Harbor walking, swimming, splashing

Painted beach-found rocks

Rainbow colors, summer wonders

Bold-colored stripes and dotted dots

Labor Day, it came too soon

The parade at the Lighthouse, all

Costumes, hair like Peanuts’ kids

Charlie Brown was brother Paul

A thousand summer evenings

and a thousand summer morns

Never will the memories fade

Of days so long ago gone.



MusingsAndi Schroeder