Meet Andi

What’s the perfect way to say thank you for always being there or I’ll miss you while I’m gone or my heart is thinking of you? And how do you make card-sending feel personal? I searched for an answer to those questions.

When I was in high school I was known as Andi. I used to draw these fun, long-legged, quirky figures everywhere:  on blackboards, on notes, even the high school yearbook.  My high school friends called them ‘Andi’s people’.

But drawing was just one of my passions.  After college, a love of warm sandy beaches and adventure took me to Hawaii.

Before I departed, my huge family (I’m one of nine siblings) and all my friends threw a lovely send-off party for me.  It meant the world!  That outpouring of love was incredibly special, and I wondered how I would adequately express my appreciation.  When I couldn’t find the perfect thank you card, I created my own and in Hawaii printed the first Andi’s People card -- featuring a boy, with the Andi’s People signature long legs, wearing an “Aloha” shirt, shorts, sunglasses, and a pair of flip-flops.  The message on the front of the card simply read “Mahalo” (Hawaiian for thank you). My friends loved it.

I found that answer when I created Andi’s People: endearing, ageless and fun, each with different passions and personalities.

Simple.  Sentimental.  Fun. That’s how Andi’s People began, and that’s what we continue to stand for.  When I get stopped by people at the post office or a music event or on the street who recognize me and tell me that my cards make them smile, it means so much to me because I know Andi’s People are making a big difference in a little way and that’s my goal: to simply spread cheer.